Story of death.

Story of death.

A man was planning to set sail to Arabia in a chilly winter. His wife pleaded with him not to go as she had dreamt an impending doom on his journey. He, being stubborn, still boarded the ship. At the departing moment, his wife gave him a magic pen which she had inherited from her ancestors, a pen that had powers to make it come to pass whatever was written from it.

On the first night of his journey, there was a huge storm so terrible that the ship was about to sink. The man took out his pen and wrote the word “calm” and the entire sea became calm.

On the second night of his journey, death itself appeared on the boat and met the man. The pen belonged to death and death had been searching high and low for this pen ever since it was stolen from him. Death, proceeded to destroy the ship, drown the man, and destroyed the pen since it was corrupted by mortals.

Poor penmanship.

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