CIA Candidates

CIA Candidates

The CIA was testing candidates for covert operatives. Three people made it to the final test, two men and a woman.

The proctor announces, “This, ladies and gentlemen, is your final test! Being an operative with the CIA requires an ability to execute orders without hesitation. We will call you into the next room and give you instructions one by one.” And one by one, each candidate is led into the other room.

The first man is handed a pistol and told, “Behind that curtain is a person who must die. You are to execute that person without hesitation!” The man proceeds behind the curtain to find his wife tied to a chair and gagged. He begins to raise the gun but stops halfway. He walks out from behind the curtain and tells the proctor, crying, “I can’t! I love my wife too much!” He is excused.

The next person is the other man. Given similar instructions, he proceeds behind the curtain to also find his wife. He raises the gun to her head, but begins to shake. Then, crying, he comes out from behind the curtain and explains that he loves his wife too much to do it. He is excused.

Finally, the woman enters the room, is given the same instructions, and proceeds behind the curtain to find her husband blindfolded, gagged and bound to a chair. She raises the gun, points it at his chest and fires six times.

The proctor, upon hearing this smiles, knowing he has found his candidate. Then from behind the curtain, he hears a commotion. The sounds of heavy breathing and struggle and fighting and a man’s muffled screams. Then all is silent.

The woman appears from behind the curtain, covered in blood and hands a bloody gun to the proctor. “What happened!?” he exclaims.

“Well” replies the woman, “The gun you gave me was full of blanks, so I had to beat him to death with it.”

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